Imagine a Future Perfect

Schools enable every child to become world ready, not just exam ready

Teaching becomes a profession of choice

Schools help each other improve and ensure no area is left behind

Our education system moves from being good to great globally, and great for all

The future perfect will look very different from today.

 Today's WorldTomorrow's World
  • Knowledge rich and narrow
  • Broad and rich curriculum
  • Knowledge and essential skills
  • Accountability
    • Inspect for compliance
  • Support school improvement
  • Audit compliance
  • Assessment
    • Summative assessment to sort children academically
    • Formative to support learning
    • Certification of academic achievement and skills
    Teaching profession
    • Workforce
    • Profession of choice
    Vocational education
    • Second class
    • Parity of esteem
    • Integration of academic and vocational routes
    • Schools are competitive islands
    • Schools collaborate to address challenges of place and build a self-improving system
    • Schools work with the local community, businesses and agencies
    • Top down incremental changes by Government of the day
    • Design top down systemic change with cross party support
    • Develop bottom up systematic innovation

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