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The purpose of the Commission is to change the debate about education. The Commission is politically independent. Its members represent leading thinkers and practitioners in education, employers and unions.

The current system lets down pupils, parents and teachers. We need a system which will enable today’s children to flourish as full citizens of the future. Although we can not predict the future, we know it will be very different from the past. Since the Commission started work, COVID19 has shown how unpredictable the world can be. It is not enough to help children pass exams. We need to be more ambitious. We need to prepare the next generation for an unknowable but exciting future.

The focus of the Commission is not on reforming today’s system. It is about creating the future perfect system. Our remit focuses on schools in England to the age of 18.

The Commission took evidence of best practices and innovative practices from around the world, in collaboration with our research partner Warwick University. The Commission is hugely grateful to the input it received from many individuals and organisations. In particular, we would like to thank OECD and the Royal Society for contributing forewords to the report, and to thank Commission members from employers (MAKE UK) and Unions (NAHT and NEU) who selflessly gave their time to the commission. The report represents the balance of opinion across the commission: individual members of the commission may have divergent views in some parts of the report. The report does not claim to represent the views of any organisation which contributed to the report.

Please join this debate. Share the report, discuss it and let us have your feedback. Together, we can help the next generation thrive.

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